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Carbon products wide application field quality is key

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At present the development of carbon industry in tianjin is very fast, with the increasing requirements of production and the products can application domain expands unceasingly, also about the people find this kind of special material products in real life the importance of the role of, at the same time for their quality request more and more is also high.
Many factors affect the quality of products are: first, use of carbon materials, the use of a lot of raw materials is not qualified, they produced products will naturally produce quality problem; Secondly in today's increasingly complex competition, the market tends to appear more chaotic phenomenon, also can affect people to quality judgment. In order to ensure that people choose good graphite profiled products, first of all need people to choose is a good manufacturer, can have a permanent effect.
On current market conditions, the strength of high carbon co., LTD., and other enterprises in tianjin is also based on it in the guarantee of quality, it set up the strong reputation among consumers, on the quality of the products has been very good security, manufacturers on the choice of raw materials has been uphold the principle of strict control, absolutely not allow unqualified material used in production, in the production of various kinds of mold, the clear understanding of the relevant production craft, have qualified production equipment. On personnel selection and training also has a strict attitude, to ensure that the r&d and production line of the employees in the graphite electrode in tianjin factory to keep a certain level, can promote the fast and efficient production.
Carbon products will be because of the particularity of the material and the application scope of continuous innovation, its quality should be the market and customer issues of common concern.

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